Aero Skye

About the Aero Skye

Double integrated and sliding louvred roof

In addition to freestanding and lean-to versions, the Skye canopy with tilting and retractable louvre blades is now also available as an integrated roof element. Simply ignore the columns and you are left with a sleek roof structure which can be built into or onto any construction: from steel sections to a timber framework and including concrete beams. This will incorporate the sliding louvred roof perfectly into the design of a building up to 11.75 m with no intermediate beams

Patented S-drive technology

A patented turn and slide technology without equal, specially developed by Renson for this patio canopy, ensures that the louvre blades rotate, open and close without fail, reliably and durably. Furthermore, a synchronous motor at both ends of the roof louvre blades ensures that the roof opens and closes in a single smooth movement, even with an asymmetric load.

Enjoy your garden longer

The tilting louvre blades provide you with shelter against both the sun and rain. However, with the louvre blades slid open, you can bask in the sun by day as well as enjoy a clear view of the heavens late in the evening. The roof louvre blades are rotated, opened or closed using a smartphone or tablet app. This app can also be used to set different scenes in order to generate the perfect mood at any time of the day. All fixings, wiring and anchors are concealed in the same way as the lateral water drainage connections.

Des possibilitès de personnalisation ----L’ajout de ces éléments offre d’infinies possibilités de création. Ils offrent une protection supplémentaire et permettent une finition esthétique.

Les stores motorisés résistants au vent procurent un cocon protecteur lorsqu’ils sont fermés tout en conservant le contact visuel avec l’extérieur. Le choix de fenêtres Crystal transparentes permet une vue complète sur le jardin.

Un concept réfléchi

La qualité de finition n’est pas de reste. Ainsi les éléments de fixation sont quasi invisibles et tous les câbles électriques peuvent êtres masqués. Les matériaux haut de gamme utilisés et la conception même de l’ Algarve® Roof permettent de limiter l’entretien au strict minimum, tout en garantissant une durabilité exceptionnelle.


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