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patio maintenance winter
The winter season can be rough on your patio. Below-zero temperatures don’t do your patio tiles any good, not to mention the detrimental effect winter rain can have on your patio furniture. If you want to be sure your patio will still look stunning when summer comes along, now is the time to make it winter-proof. Which, fortunately, doesn’t have to be difficult. (...) Read more
Scandinavian style patio cover
Scandinavian style is more popular than ever. And rightly so, because the typically sleek design and use of natural materials are perfect to give your home a fresh look without appearing cold. And did you know you can even incorporate that stunning Scandinavian style into your garden? All it takes is a patio cover with the following features … (...) Read more
Linius slat wall
Extending your patio cover with a fixed side panel with slats is more than just a great means for hiding an unattractive backdrop. Slat walls used as patio cover extensions also make your home more lovely and practical. Let’s zoom in. (...) Read more
A lack of daylight and fresh air not only puts you in a bad mood, it’s also detrimental to your health. If you spend most of your days at home or at the office, you have every reason to try and get out as much as possible. Not just in the summer, but throughout the year. (...) Read more
healthy living
Healthy living involves more than healthy eating. It’s a balanced lifestyle that revolves around a stable state of mind – and enjoying the results it brings to your private relationships and professional life. Here’s how to make it work! (...) Read more
wind-resistant patio cover
Having a patio cover attached to your home sure comes in handy when it rains or if you want to create some shade in the summer. But what will happen to it on windy days? Exactly how much wind can your Renson patio cover endure? Read on to find out all you need to know. (...) Read more
garden design
Designing a modern home is child’s play these days. Creating a stunning designer home with a garden to match, however, is an art. It all starts with the following basic principles … (...) Read more
instal windproof gazebo
There’s something incredibly romantic about gardens with a gazebo. It’s one of those things that have ‘relaxation’ written all over them, and you get to enjoy an amazing view of the garden to boot. Do you dream of installing a gazebo, but are you not sure you’ll get much use out of it? No worries. A sheltered gazebo can be just as practical as it is romantic. (...) Read more